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Save Homeless Veterans Path

The purpose of the document is to track each homeless veteran that enters the Save Homeless Veterans’ program. The normal amount of time an individual will be in the program is 12-18 months. The program is Christian based and recovery will include chemical, medical, physical, dental, economic, and spiritual evaluations. Each veteran will complete an intake application prior to entering a house. They will also be chemically tested for drugs and/or alcohol prior to being assigned to a house. They will need to be chemical free for seven days before entering the house.

In Processing

In the first 24-36 hours of the veteran arriving at the assigned house a schedule will be determined where the veteran will go for medical, psychiatric, dental and spiritual needs. The house leader will be responsible to arrange transportation for the new veteran. In processing should take no longer than two weeks to complete.


The veteran will be encouraged to attend a minimum of one worship service a week. If the veteran is not an active member of a religious community they will be invited to attend Roswell Street Baptist Church,

Each veteran will be required to attend a weekly group support meetings led by a counselor. They will also be required to have individual weekly counseling. Other counseling may be recommended based on the needs of the veteran.

Each veteran will be required to pay rent based on financial capability. Job training will be given as well as assistance to job placement.


Each homeless veteran will be matched with a mentoring veteran at an appropriate time. The mentoring veteran will attend training before becoming a mentor.              




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